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Support for Victim-Survivors

1800 Respect

A 24/7 helpline for victim-survivors of sexual assault.

Report Sexual Assault

Safe2Say allows you to anonymously report sexual assault or suspected child sexual abuse. Information will go to the police; however, you do not have to begin a formal report if you do not want too.

General Information Regarding Sexual Assault

King Edward Memorial Hospital

Resources for consent standards and responding to sexual assault.

WA Police Force

Information surrounding the legality of consent and what to do if you are a victim of sexual assault.

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Compares the differences in sexual assault legislation across jurisdictions.

Health Direct

Information regarding sexual assault with links to health service providers.

Australian Institute for Health and Welfare

Summary for sexual assault statistics in Australia.

Helping Survivors

Helping Survivors is an American organisation with resources about sexual assault that apply universally.

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